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Where to begin. I ordered a media cabinet online, about $685 which was a great deal, it was processed and shipped fairly quickly. It arrived at my door damaged. VERY damaged. Like, pieces of hardwood cracked and split like kindling, drawers busted, doors hanging off their hinges damaged. Fortunately, I was smart enough to write "damaged" on the receiving inspection form. I immediately call efurnitureshowroom, start a claim, took photos and email them to my contact, Jeremiah Abel.

Jeremiah informs me he will get on it and get the broken unit picked up and a new unit ordered and shipped. Alrighty.

Weeks go by. I call about 2-3 times a week trying to get an update on the process. Jeremiah doesn't return calls or emails, he is impossible to get a hold of. When I do get in touch with him, he tells me it's all fine, they just need to submit a claim to the shipping company (YRC) and get that excepted, THEN they can schedule the broken unit to be picked up. THEN they can order a new unit. Fine, sounds well enough.

More WEEKS go by. No progress. I continued to call 2-3 times a week and email Jeremiah. He never responded to emails or calls. I literally had to sit on the phone and repeatedly call his office phone until he picked up. Same run-around.

FINALLY, I get in contact with YRC saying when the pick-up will be. They end up being days late, but whatever. The broken cabinet gets picked up. The next week Jeremiah informs me the replacement has been ordered and shipped. I await eagerly. It arrives (it is October now), and is DAMAGED AGAIN. At this point I am pulling my hair out.

Repeat procedure: take photos, call Jeremiah, submit claim. Same process. This second broken unit (it weighs like 160lbs btw) sits in my entryway for 42 DAYS before YRC finally picks it up. It is another MONTH before I am able to secure the paperwork saying I wrote "damaged" on the receiving inspection form, allowing me to get a refund.

Here is the timeline of events:

Cabinet ordered: Aug 28, 2012

15 days

Cabinet received: Sep 12

13 days

Cabinet picked-up by YRC: Sep 25

1 days

Cabinet(replacement) shipped: Sept 26

9 days

Cabinet(replacement) received: Oct 5

41 days

Cabinet(replacement) picked up by YRC: Nov 15

25 days

Refund "submitted": Dec 10

5 days

Refund applied: Dec 14, 2012

Total Days wasted: 109 days

Total Days with 160lb broken cabinet in my entryway: 14+42 = 56 days

In conclusion, efurnitureshowroom had the absolute worst customer service EVER and almost scammed me for $685. By the end of this disaster, Jeremiah was no longer with the company - he was fired! Probably for screwing over customers and never following up on their claims! If I hadn't constantly "harassed" efurnitureshowroom or YRC shipping, I NEVER would have gotten a refund!

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